Something For The Weekend

Laura: We visit the Donkey Sanctuary once a year. Last time, this little feller had just been born. Meet Charlie and his mum.

Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary
Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary
Petworth Park, West Sussex
Petworth Park, West Sussex

Celia: We’ve been thinking about the wars a lot in school this year. On a trip to Staffordshire Regimental Museum, the children were amazed and impressed that wartime bomb shelters were named after me, although not surprised that I was old enough for this.

2014-02-27 11.16.31

8 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend

  1. I see a thriving future young master Donkey. Seasonal work in Nativity plays! They’ll love him in your local primary school and playgroups. 🙂

    • He’ll be a lot bigger now, John. I love the Donkey Sanctuary. They do fantastic work. 🙂

    • They hurt if they stand on your foot, though, Anne, as my daughter will testify 😉

      • Oh Dear. My dh once asked me to avoid standing on his patch of cyclamen. When I pointed out how small my feet were, he said that made the weight more concentrated. Hope your daughter didn’t suffer any lasting damage. anne

      • She was fine, Thanks, Anne. She was distracted by the donkey biting her foot … Thankfully, my daughter is made of strong stuff 🙂

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