Life Cycle of a Writer: Following the Dream



It’s my turn to add a progress report, and this is a really good time to do it, because I’ve just finished writing my third contemporary romance. Phew. Well, to be honest it’s actually my fourth, but the first one was so bad that to be out there in the world, it would need major internal surgery and a facelift.


The first one to actually make it onto the Kindle shelves was Sweet Proposal, and the story of its big chance is recounted on the Piatkus Entice blog today. A competition win with Piatkus, some serious editing and a cover with chocolate on it were all elements that helped Sweet Proposal (formerly The Chocolate Project) to come out of the woodwork in the summer of 2013, and now that its successor is out there too, SP is selling again, which is great news.


Next came Little Boxes, published by Tirgearr. I enjoyed writing this one even more, because I’d finally started to feel as if I might know what I was aiming for, instead of just trusting to luck and eating a lot of cake. Little Boxes is a quest, and the idea for it had been in my mind since I read Elizabeth Enright’s Spiderweb For Two – a wonderful children’s book from way back when. I love a treasure hunt, and writing it was such fun that a children’s book of my own on the same lines could be on the cards one day soon.


RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

The new one has the working title of Living the Dream, and it’s more off the wall than usual for me – mind games, constant travel and frustrated passions mixed with a hefty dollop of surrealism. It’s based on a trip across America by train, from New York to San Francisco; something I did with my family in 2013. The girls made me a storyboard to remind me of the highlights and it’s on the wall next to my desk as a constant memory jogger.




So now it’s limbo time for me. No, not the wriggling-painfully-under-a-bar-kind. This is the other sort where you’re not quite sure where to go next. Here are the options:

  • A children’s book (see above, quest theme)
  • Another contemporary romance, maybe a sequel to LB
  • Major old-book surgery/facelift (also see above)
  • Join a circus
  • Do some school work
  • Have a large gin and tonic


So watch this space – who knows what’s going to happen next? Let me know if you find out before I do, okay?

12 thoughts on “Life Cycle of a Writer: Following the Dream

  1. Well, at least you have options. Eat some chocolate while you think about it, Celia. 🙂 The train trip sounds fascinating and how lovely of the girls to make you a storyboard. Whatever you do next I’m sure you’ll do it well – just go steady on the gin and tonic!

    • I love the storyboard; it brings back all the memories in an instant. No gin tonight! 🙂

      Celia xx

  2. Well, I’m thinking the circus experience might provide a bit of book fodder? Haw, haw! Don’t do it, Celia. A stiff G&T and on with the next. You might find the surgery easier now you know which bits need work. Best of luck, sweetie. 🙂 xx

    • Have started to slice into it but still not sure if it can stand the operation! Thanks, Sheryl, off to up my unicycle skills … 🙂

      Celia xx

  3. I haven’t met anyone else who’s read them, Kate – how lovely! Which is your favourite?

    Celia xx

  4. Oh, how neat your desk looks! I would compare with my own, but I’m ashamed to say I have no idea what is under that sheaf of papers to the right, or how long the sandwich has actually been there….

  5. Hello Frederick – I tidied it for several hours to get it like that!! 🙂 Celia (I found a scone).

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