Jan Brigden: Winner and Contracted Author!

Jan Brigden. Contracted author.

 We’ve had a WILD weekend at Romaniac HQ, celebrating the doubleplusgood news that our lovely, wonderful, talented


is the WINNER of the Choc Lit and Whole Story Audiobooks Search for a Star Competition,

with her contemporary women’s fiction novel, As Weekends Go,



We are beside ourselves with joy and are eating cream buns and chocolate cake with great abandon.

Time for more G&T cup cakes?
Time for more G&T cup cakes?

Jan – we wanted to congratulate you on your well-deserved success and we cannot wait to see your debut published.

Many, many congratulations 😀


The Romaniacs xxxxxxx

Romaniac Group Heart Pumping

30 thoughts on “Jan Brigden: Winner and Contracted Author!

    • Laura, I’m so grateful for your support. Thanks for everything! I feel about twelve feet tall! 🙂

      Jan X

    • Thanks, June! 🙂 I’m so happy and excited! Thanks so much for all your lovely wishes & support

      Jan X

    • Ah, Sharon – thank you! Always so supportive. I really appreciate your good wishes.

      Jan X

    • Thanks for the lovely welcome, Alison. I’ve had such support & encouragement. I’m thrilled to be part of Choc Lit 🙂

      Jan X

    • Thank you, Nikki. I keep going between grinning like a hyena and welling up. So emotional! 🙂

      Jan X

  1. Reblogged this on Lizzie Lamb and commented:
    Absolutely trilled that my lovely friend Jan Brigen has landed a publishing contract with Choc Lit. Can’tr wait to read her novel.

  2. Jan,we are so thrilled for you. You have been such a support to me and other authors that this accolade is well deserved. Go you. Now, how much of #2 have you written? No pressure. LOL.

    • Lizzie, that’s so lovely of you to say. Thanks so much. The feeling is very much mutual.

      Jan X

  3. Wooohoooo! That’s totally superplusgood amazing, huge congratulations to Jan! Rock on my friend, can’t wait to read your masterpiece! XXX

    • Nicky, you’re back! Yay! Thanks so much for your lovely wishes. I’m delighted. 🙂

      Jan X

  4. Fantabulous, Jan. I’m delighted for you. Just shows, faith and persistence, and talent of course, gets you there.

    • Many Thanks to you, Rachael. I am indeed enjoying the moment. Thrilled to bits! 🙂

      Jan X

  5. Congratulations Jan! It’s great news for you, but even better news for the rest of us because now we get to read As Weekends Go! 🙂 🙂 🙂 xx

    • Elle, THANK YOU! You’ve been a constant support, cheering me on 🙂 I’m so excited!

      Jan X

    • Many Thanks, Debs. I am so thrilled. I’m still grinning like nobody’s business – even at strangers! 😀

      Jan X

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