Life Cycle of a Writer: Receiving that Magical News.

Well, since my last update, things have gone ever so slightly crazy. Wonderfully crazy! All in all, it has been  a sparkling six weeks.

On February 14th, I found out that my first novel ‘As Weekends Go’ had been shortlisted in the Choc Lit  and Whole Story Audiobooks Search for a Star competition.

I’d made the final six!

Cue stupid grins and shrieks aplenty at both Chez Brigden and Romaniac HQ.  It was going to be an extra special Valentine’s Day.

I then discovered I’d made the final two!

Which, naturally, called for fizz and chocolates …   20150314_131337

And THEN … on Saturday March 14th (I’ve decided I rather like the number 14!)  came the official announcement that I’d won the Search for a Star Competition

I can’t describe how elated I felt. Choc Lit would be offering me a contract. As Weekends Go was really going to be published.

It was a mad, mad day – lots of celebratory hugs and loving, supportive messages, both off and online. Mum and Dad came over, bearing choccies and flowers.  I had some fab cards, tweets and emails from family and friends, and messages of welcome from head of Choc Lit, Lyn Vernham, the whole team and the lovely authors.





I’ll admit that, on the Monday morning,  when I logged on to see a special surprise post from my fantastic Romaniac buddies,  I was  bit of a blubbering Briggy!

More good cheer followed when my older sister treated me to a yummy congratulatory lunch.


3 (2)


And then this week, I saw my first published Press Release. To say I am excited about the future is putting it mildly. I know I’ve said it before, but I truly am thankful for all the love and wise words of support and encouragement I’ve received from everyone, especially Mr B who has been  chief cuddler, co-editor, sounding board, morale booster, tantrum-dodger and counsellor extraordinaire all rolled into one. I will also be eternally grateful to my Romantic Novelists’ Association   New Writers’ Scheme reader, whose suggestions and advice when I originally submitted my novel for critique, were invaluable.

As Weekends Go is a contemporary multi POV tale – three interwoven stories – about two couples and the emotional havoc created during and beyond their eventful weekend clash of agendas, involving a ‘girls only’ trip to York, a Brighton sales conference and a Spanish stag do.

I can’t wait for you to meet the cast.

Thanks again,

Jan  x





25 thoughts on “Life Cycle of a Writer: Receiving that Magical News.

    • Many Thanks, Kirsty. It’s been a lovely welcome. I’m so pleased to be part of the Choc Lit family 🙂

      Jan X

    • June, I can’t thank you enough. Always so supportive, and cheering me on 🙂

      Jan X

  1. Sounds great Jan. Can’t wait to read it. Again – welcome to the mottley crew. x

    • lol, Sheryl. Thank you! I’m not sleeping properly at all. Still stupidly grinning and pinching myself 🙂

      Jan X

    • Many Thanks, Anita. Glad you like the title. I hope it stays! I felt when I created it, that it says it all. I really appreciate all your support and good wishes.

      Jan X

  2. Reblogged this on New Romantics 4 and commented:
    Our dear mate, Jan Brigden has found her way through the maze and is going to become a published author. Go Jan

  3. Sorry I’m a bit late coming to the party, Jan. But my congratulations are nonetheless heartfelt for that. I feel like I’ve been with you on this journey and I knew that some agency or publisher would ‘snap you up’. And so they have. Can;t wait to read As Weekends Go – its bound to be a winner.

    • Lizzie, when I think back over all the writerly and non-writerly chats we’ve had, it seems crazy that we haven’t known each other for longer. You’ve been an absolute star. Ever-supportive and encouraging. Thank you! 🙂

      Jan X

    • Anne, thank you so much for your lovely comments and good wishes. I hope when it comes out later this year, that you enjoy it 🙂

      Jan X

    • Thank you, Ade! Your support, wise words and encouragement have been such a massive help to me. I’m so excited! 🙂

      Jan X

    • Thank you, Mags! I’m delighted. Still grinning like a woman possessed! 🙂

      Jan X

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