Life Cycle of a Writer: Sparkle Round-Up


As we look forward to warm weather, balmy days, and writing in the garden, we take a look back at the last eight weeks of the Romaniacs Life Cycle of a Writer.

IMG_9177Laura: Having subbed book 3 to my publisher, and following wrist surgery, I took a short break from writing, enjoying the Easter holidays with my family. A major thrill was when I visited the local branch of Waterstones to find Follow Me Follow You on the central table and on the shelf next to one of my favourite authors, Erica James. Although I’ve not been writing, I have been mentally planning book four and am keen to get started. I’m still searching for a title …

Sue: Since having The Half Truth published, I took an extended writing break which I blogged about here. The past two weeks have seen me tentatively dip back into an old WIP that has been kicking around for 3 or 4 years. I think, finally, I can see the end on the horizon.

Jan: Having recently signed with Choc Lit as a result of my novel As Weekends Go winning the Choc Lit and Whole Story Audio Books Search for a Star competition, I had a mild panic upon receiving my first structural edits report … BUT … upon meeting my lovely editor for a coffee and a chat, who brilliantly explained how the suggestions would help strengthen the novel, I feel really excited about cracking on with the revisions.

Debbie: It’s no secret that I’ve been treading treacle for over two years. The only time I seem to get any quality words down is when I’m on holiday, away from domestic chaos!  Determined to get the WIP I’ve been working on for almost four years finished once and for all, I went to Cheshunt for Tamsyn Murray’s, ‘Live, Breathe, LOVE Writing,’ workshop at the middle of April. IMG_1555Julie Cohen and Miranda Dickinson were inspiring and motivational guest speakers (as well as slave drivers!) and I met some lovely kindred spirits including Bernadette O’Dwyer and Helen Walters whom I’ve been acquainted with on-line for several years but never met in person.

IMG_1560The main message was simple. Get it finished! Stop being frightened, stop making excuses, stop procrastinating and stop allowing those crows to peck on my shoulders, telling me I can’t do it! ’ Most important is to keep writing until I type, ‘THE END.

It was just the kick up the butt I needed and, with the spurring on of Bernadette and Helen, I’m now up to 86,364 words and writing four or five days a week to get it off for the RNA NWS before the end of August deadline.

Catherine: After managing to write THE END (it deserves CAPS, it’s been a long journey), I’ve got some initial feedback from friends and my WoMentoring project mentor, Amanda Jennings. Those initial nerve wracking reads have been encouraging with only tweaking required. I’ve also managed to submit to the NWS and will be getting on with a final revision before submitting to agents and publishers once that’s arrived. I was lucky enough to be selected as a finalist for The Write Stuff event at The London Book Fair where I presented to a large audience. It might take me until the next round up to get over it! I’m pleased to report the feedback was very encouraging. 

Vanessa: I was thrilled to bits to get a call a couple of months ago telling me I’d been awarded a bursary from Literature Wales to take time out of the day job to concentrate on my work-in-progress The Murder House. It’s been heaven to have all that time to write! I also attended my first ever Crimefest last weekend in Bristol, coming away with a lot more insight into crime writing and far too many books!

Celia: After a period of extreme work craziness, I’m now waiting for edits from Tirgearr for my next book. More surreal than the previous two, Living the Dream should be out in July if all goes to plan. My first, very ancient novel, Moondancing, is also with them and will need a bit more surgery but am hoping it will be ready by late summer. very excited to have two books with the publisher at the same time. 

Lucie: My writing has taken a real turn over the last few weeks. My agent and I had been toying about with my latest novel for sometime, tweaking but still not quite getting it right. It was missing something. My agent then passed my manuscript to a fellow agent and between the three of us we managed to pick it apart and see what was missing. And because of this, my whole writing style evolved again. I am now working on a rewrite of this book, taking it down darker alleys and morphing it more into psychological thriller. It is a genre I LOVE to read, but have never thought to expand on with my own writing. I feel I have floated about a lot over the past couple of years and have been dipping in and out of genres to try and find my feet, find where I belong. Have I found it? You’ll have to wait and see… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Life Cycle of a Writer: Sparkle Round-Up

  1. Love this dip into your writing lives and so much has happened! Not much mention of wine though 😉

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