SFTW (WARNING: Ultimate cuteness) The Romaniacs as BABIES! Part 1.

Which Romaniac is this?

Which Romaniac is this?

Romaniac Bridesmaid, but which one?

Guess Who?

Romaniac baby snuggles






  1. 1

    Is that Sue as the shy bridesmaid??? Um, clueless, but you’re all gorgeous. Course, we are The Romaniacs fervently agree. 🙂 xx

  2. 2

    Laura, Sue Fortin, Jan and Celia? x

  3. 3
    sharon Says:

    I think the top one is definitely Laura. Not sure about the others, but you’re all very cute! Happy weekend x

  4. No clues yet. All will be revealed …

    • 5
      shazjera Says:

      Awwww. I think Catherine, definitely Sue, Jan and you Laura!

      • 6
        The Romaniacs Says:

        It’s Part Two this coming Friday. That might assist … or it might not 🙂 Answers the week after. xx

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