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Inspiration can sometimes be really hard to come by. If I could work out a way to bottle it – I’d be a millionaire! Lots of people in lots of professions need inspiration. All of us will use inspiration in some way, shape or form. Whether it is deciding what to cook for dinner, doing arts and crafts with the little ones, writing a story, painting a picture, taking a photograph or simply rearranging furniture in the living room because you’re bored of it. Tell me it’s not just me who does that? In my day job I am a nursery assistant. I need to use inspiration on a daily basis to entertain the children and help develop their skills. One day I might be making mud pies and the next, building a castle from cardboard boxes for the Princess who is to be rescued by Prince Charming. So I have had to learn to take inspiration from the littlest things. So why is it so hard to find? I don’t know the answer to that. Stress? The monotony of getting up, going to work, coming home, doing dinner, going to bed… every, single, day? Tiredness? Boredom? Who knows. But when inspiration does strike, it is AMAZING! You have to grab it with both hands and refuse to let it fizzle away. No, don’t let it go, just… one… more… minute! Inspiration was what began my writing journey. And the person who unlocked that passion and inspired me first, was J K Rowling. Reading Harry Potter changed the way I looked at books. I had enjoyed books previously, and I had favourite authors, but reading Harry Potter actually made ME want to write. Not just read, write! And it isn’t just her books that made me go WOW – she is an incredibly amazing woman. A few years back I watched a documentary on television about J K Rowling and her early life; how she came to writing, what her childhood was like and where the ideas came from. I cried. I watched the documentary and I cried. Because I felt so overpowered by inspiration. The things that woman had to overcome in her life, yet still, she made time to do her one passion. I looked at my life. I am very lucky and I have a supportive husband who gives me countless opportunities to write, attend writing talks/conferences/parties and also pay for training. So what is stopping me? Nothing, is the answer – so I did it.

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Other inspirations in my life are the people around me. Life itself is fascinating. Instead of sitting on the train waiting for your stop, why not take in your surroundings and be inspired. Inspiration is everywhere – we just need to learn to tune into it. I also find photographs, music and paintings extremely inspiring. One might look at a painting and think it is a beautiful piece of art, I will look at it and think, there’s the setting for my next book, or, that’s where so and so would live. And I cant even begin to explain the feeling I get when a piece of music/song inspires me. It is magical. It’s easier said than done, what with our busy lifestyles, but sometimes, if we take a step back from life and actually take it in, you will find inspiration comes to you.

8 thoughts on “Lucie Wheeler, Inspired by …

  1. Well, you’ve just supplied a little dollop of inspiration right there, Lucie. Enthusiasm is addictive. Ta, m’dear! Happy writing – and have a good day building castles. 🙂 xx

    • Ah, thank you, Sheryl!

      And I do love building castles… from sand, with card, with sheets… the ideas are endless! 🙂

      Lucie x

  2. A brilliant post Lucie. Am also inspired by music, it’s such a powerful, emotional thing and never fails to help create that scene or mood in my writing. And inspiration comes in all sorts of forms – TV, someone else’s writing, even a conversation you overhear in a restaurant. Absolutely anything can trigger your thought processes and channel them into the beginnings of your next book.

    • Thank you, Jo,
      I agree, music is SO powerful. I love the way it makes me feel – even the sad songs! Inspiration is everywhere!
      Lucie x

    • Thank you, Gabrielle, it’s very kind of you to stop by and comment.
      Take Care
      Lucie x

  3. Brilliant post Lucie, thanks so much for sharing. Now I feel inspired to write, and also feel incredibly lucky that I get to do something I love and enjoy so much.

    Nikki x

    • Thanks Nikki!
      It is so easy to get bogged down with things, isn’t it, and forget that we are so lucky to be able to do the things we love.
      Hope you are well

      Lucie x

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