Dear Auntie Romaniac – I’m having a title trauma…



Dear Aunty Romaniac,

I’m writing a book set on a river cruise down the Rhone, and it’s turning out to be darker than anything I’ve ever done before, with a difficult relationship between a mother and daughter at its centre. I desperately want to call it ‘Hidden Depths’ but when I googled those words, there was another fairly recent novel with the same name; part of the Vera Stanhope detective series of TV fame.

Do I ditch my lovely title and go for the second choice, ‘Waterfall’, (which has also been used before, it seems) or start from scratch? Does the duplication matter? Or can anybody think of a better one?




22 thoughts on “Dear Auntie Romaniac – I’m having a title trauma…

  1. I like it, JB. 😉 I’m not sure what the legal aspect would be, Celia, but I tend to stay away from titles already out there if I know they’re fairly recent. 🙂 xx

  2. There’s no copyright on titles, so legally can be used again, but it’s always good to be different.

    • I think I probably need to go right back to the drawing board – maybe need to find a handy river for inspiration! xx

  3. I’d try to be different, Celia, unless the other title is for a novel released quite a few years ago. It’s frustrating when someone else picks the same title after you’ve chosen it, which happened to one of my titles, but there’s nothing one can do about that. Choosing the same title as another fairly recent book runs the risk of the reader buying the other book when they intended to buy yours, but, of course, vice versa. Good luck with your decision!

    • You’re right, Liz – I’m hoping a brilliant idea will strike me when i begin to relax at the conference! Celia x

  4. Well, oddly enough, I’ve done it twice! Originally, Tall Dark and Kilted was going to be called Highland Fling – until I saw how many of THOSE were up on Amazon. I chose TD&K because an editor told me she loved the sound of it. There was one other of the same name which came out in 2008 and had sold few copies, so I went ahead. The rest, as they say, is history. Boot Camp Bride – no probs. With #3, SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS I saw, again, that the title had already been used – by no less than Douglas Hurd the politician so I went ahead. Someone suggested that I called it SCOTS on the Rocks, but being as the novel is set round a distillery it seemed pointless to waste a good title. Don;t think many people will confuse me and Duggie. LOL.

  5. I was asked to change the title of my current novel and given a series of choices. Several of those were already in use, and I went for one that wasn’t. Having said that, I think it’s increasingly difficult as there are so many titles out there! I’ve definitely come across several duplicates.

    • I changed my first one from The Chocolate Project to Sweet Proposal against my better judgement, and I’ve always been a bit stroppy about changing since then! Celia x

  6. How about Deep Water or Undercurrents or Swimming against the Tide or Ructions on the Rhone or Making Waves or Caught in the Wake.

  7. Thanks to everyone who helped with this Auntie Romaniac dilemma – so many fabulous choices here…watch this space… Celia xx

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