Life Cycle Of A Writer: Learning How To Promote

This weekend at the 2015 Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Conference, we set up a corner for our Romaniac Sparkle Spotlight. It was a chance to put some of the talented writers we know in front of the camera to tell us about their high point, the toughest thing in their career and what they are currently working on. We had a tremendous amount of fun doing it, not just because there were bubbles involved, but because it was like the coffee break chats we might normally have at these events only we get to share them with the world. There was a theme of tremendous achievements despite the difficulties that get in the way and it was really a privilege listening to the answers people provided. It was also rather fortuitous that we were based outside the one-to-one rooms. It meant we managed to persuade an agent and editor to take part, so it gives a real flavour of the RNA conference.


Currently, the videos are being edited at a pace and we should be able to release them soon and it is with great thanks to those who took part. It was on a voluntary basis and all those who stood in front of the camera were complete naturals, even if they were nervous about doing it. We’re already planning to do the same again at the next conference so please do sign up next year if you want to take part.

We ourselves are all on a learning curve of how to best promote ourselves and we’ve loved doing this, this year. And behind the camera, doing most of the questions was our lovely, Celia J Anderson, who it turns out, is a brilliant interviewer  and she is currently on tour. Celia’s next book, Living The Dream is on a blog tour and if you pre-order either today or tomorrow it is only 99p! Then it comes out with Tirgearr Publishing later this week.

Celia and Lucie ready for ACTION!
Celia and Lucie ready for ACTION!

Have any writers out there been brave enough to stand in front of a camera yet? And do you prefer to read blogs or watch vlogs to find out about your next read?

Catherine x



10 thoughts on “Life Cycle Of A Writer: Learning How To Promote

  1. I was sorry I ran out of time to come back and do it with you – but I’m really looking forward to seeing the results. Well done you lot! 🙂 xx

    • Yours would have been great, but we’ll have to have you next year. Laura is doing a great job with the editing and the interviews are really interesting to watch. I laugh rather too much in mine. I don’t think they danced behind the camera for everyone. Catherine xx

  2. Lol! That does make it a real test. especially when no one could see what you were all up to. Cxx

  3. I really enjoyed it too – even though I was nervous beforehand! Thanks so much for organising it – it must have been quite a job, but you made it look easy! 🙂

  4. Hello Romaniacs. I didn’t have time to be nervous because I didn’t know I was abut to be filmed. I was a bit late ‘twigging’ what you gals were up to and by the time I did I didn’t put myself down because our bus was leaving straight after lunch on the Sunday. So I was thrilled to be knobbled by Celia and Laura in the corridor. Not su much worried about the outcome of the video because I know you’ll do your best to make me look like a sentient being. I’m more worried when Adrienne views it and sees that I broke the cardinal rule – ALWAYS WEAR LIPSTICK. #KNEESKNOCKING

  5. It was such fun to take part in, even if I was mainly snapping the old clapperboard! (and testing the fizz and choccies – well, someone’s gotta do it!!) 😉 I learned a lot from the interviewees and also realised just how honoured I feel to be part of The Romaniacs. Can’t wait to view the vlogs that our super-talented Laura is busy editing. Great post, Catherine! Xx

  6. I hope you haven’t chopped my head off, Laura. On the other hand, I might make more sense. It was fabulous, ladies. You’re naturals. You could hire yourselves out! No, I meant hire yourselves out as official vloggers, not hire yourselves… Never mind. 😉 Thanks, lovelies. Great job. Can’t wait to see the edited version (I think). xx

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