Part Four: In The Romaniac Sparkle Spotlight Is …

Sue Moorcoft, Felicity Trew of Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency & Brigid Coady


5 thoughts on “Part Four: In The Romaniac Sparkle Spotlight Is …

  1. See my comments on Part Three – and what a coup, an interview with an Agent. You’ve covered the waterfront, Romaniacs, from first draft, through rejection (and more rejections),prize-wining, finding an agent (or not), and finally, one way or another, publication. In 2015 the writer’s lot is an interesting one.

    • We took our life cycle of a writer as our inspiration for the questions and the answers have been great. 8 more videos and all as inspiring! Catherine x

  2. ‘Death by a thousand paper cuts’ … I love it! Do you think Brigid might be a writer? Yet more fab interviews. Sue, your story was just lovely. Felicity, it’s really nice to hear the agent’s pov. Sometimes we forget that agents and publishers go through all the writing-related angst too. Brigid, well done on keeping going! It was worth it! Huge congrats! 🙂 xx

    • I loved that quote as well. I may never get a one-to-one again after having mine and then casually convincing Felicity to do her video. What a great insight for us writers though!

  3. Have absolutely loved all these interviews – such a fabulous idea. Gives those like me who didn’t get to the conference a wonderful flavour of it. Also an opportunity to learn and sometimes just to think, thank goodness it’s not only me! Thank you.

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