20 thoughts on “Part Three: In The Romaniac Sparkle Spotlight Is …

  1. I’m loving all these films. It’s a great idea, and well executed. Congratulations to all in the production team!

    • Thank you, Christina – it was a good team effort but Laura has to take the credit for all the hours of editing that took place after filming.

  2. Thanks Romaniacs for working so hard on the behalf of all us writers. I think I should have availed myself of a larger slurp of prosecco before I launched in. You’ve done a great job with (I speak for myself here) unpromising material. Just hope that I haven’t frightened the horses or that Adrienne Vaughan sees it and berates me for not wearing lipstick. LOL.

  3. More revelations about the experience of being a writer from three very different perspectives – brilliant idea Romaniacs – love your videos.

    • So pleased you’re enjoying them, Mags, and thank you for your lovely comments 🙂 Laura x

  4. Reblogged this on Clare Chase and commented:
    The wonderful Romaniacs were very busy at the RNA conference, interviewing writers about their triumphs, challenges and plans. I had great fun taking part! There are more interviews on their blog.

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