Life Cycle Of A Writer – Revisions – Switching from 3 POVs to 1!

Romaniac HQ has been revision central of late. In this week’s Life Cycle Of A Writer, I talk about how in my first set of revisions with Carina UK I’ve moved my manuscript from three points of view to one.

My next set of revisions came in yesterday afternoon, so I’ll be a busy Romaniac for a while. Please send chocolate, ready meals and babysitters.

Catherine x

3 thoughts on “Life Cycle Of A Writer – Revisions – Switching from 3 POVs to 1!

  1. I found that really helpful, Catherine, as I have just such a book – three povs I may need to take down to one. It just goes to show the hard work behind the scenes too, by author and editor. Best of luck, sweetie, and well done! Phew! 🙂 xx

  2. I only ever have 1 POV because I find that easier! When I’m writing I am the ‘heroine’ – if that doesn’t sound too weird – and I ‘see’ everything through her ‘eyes’. . . Works for me as writing is complicated enough. Good luck with your editing.

  3. Well done, Catherine. What a lot of hard work. “Stickies” are so useful – love them! Good luck with the revisions. *sends chocolate* 🙂 xx

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