Life Cycle of a Writer – Sue Fortin

The past few months have been particularly busy for me, both writing wise and home wise. Sometimes it’s hard not to get bogged down by it all and feel under pressure from all directions, however, I’ve taken comfort and strength from all the positive things that have also happened in my writing world.

The French RetreatMy novella The French Retreat has been out for just over a month and, I’m pleased to say, is holding its own amongst my other titles. The sales have been steady, although the reviews have been slow. The reviews I’ve had have been positive so no complaint there, even if one of them, on the face of it looks poor. However, once you read the additional comment, the reviewer makes it clear they got muddled up with another book and I appreciate they’ve made the effort to point this out.

Another positive was meeting up with my lovely Romaniac pals at last week’s RNA Winter Party in London. Not only that and the wonderful company of all the other members of the RNA but we won the Media award! Click HERE for our post on this.

More positive news, in that we are taking the Life Cycle of a Writer blog feature on tour, having secured our first booking with Chichester library in the new year. More news on that with our Sparkle Round-Up next week.

Carrying on the positive theme, I’ve started my next novella, The French Affair, which I’m hoping to publish by the end of February. The cover is coming together nicely and hopefully I’ll be able to share that in the not too distant future. Also, my full-length novel which has been out on submission has had some encouraging interest and I’m hoping to have news on that very soon.

And lastly, next weekend I shall  be meeting up with The Romaniac gang again as we have our Christmas Sparkle Weekend in Shropshire!

So, I’m ending my first year of Life Cycle of a Writer posts with a positive, which I hope to continue on into 2016.




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