SFTW: It’s Sparkle Time!

Last weekend saw the second Romaniac Sparkle – an event where we Romaniacs travel from far and wide to gather in Church Stretton for a straight forty-eight hours of laughter, writing, shopping, eating, drinking, strategic planning, drinking, eating, partying and laughter. In that order.

We have our plan for 2016 and will be polishing the blog so it sparkles as bright as New Year fireworks … but no spoilers here 🙂

Seven of the eight Romanaics were able to attend, with our lovely Jan holding the fort back at Romaniac HQ.

Our Sparkle video is still in production, but for this week’s Something For The Weekend, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of what happened …

A new version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, perhaps …?

On the first day of Christmas …

We started with some of this …
Followed by quite a bit of this.
Then we did some of this.
Lots of this.
Even more of this.
Plenty of this.
Sufficient amount of this.
A few of these.
Some more of this.
Insufficient amount of this.
And a little of this.
And this partied hard, too.


3 thoughts on “SFTW: It’s Sparkle Time!

  1. Oh dear, you obviously worked waaaay too hard! Fab pics, ladies. You’re an inspiration! That award was well-deserved. 🙂 Sparkle on, lovelies. 🙂 xx

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