RECRUITING – Romaniac Sparklers!


We love you, you know that, right?

We’re a group of eight writers who set out to support each other in the most enthusiastic way possible. When the chips were down, we’d find a way to cheer each other on. When we triumphed, we’d applaud each other. But this feverish excitement and zest for sparkling through life has caught on, so we wanted to expand. We’ve built an extension on Romaniac HQ so it’s no longer a cosy room that’ll only fit eight of us, it’s now a virtual coffee (and cake) house where we invite you to pop by and support us and in return, we hope to support you. Please click the picture below where it should take you to our new Facebook group and we very much hope you will join us.


The plan is for this to be a ‘street team’ and we’ll encourage our Sparklers to share our news. In return we hope to provide sneak previews, supportive/writerly chat sessions and if you are really lucky, video footage that never made it to the blog!

Over 2016 you will see this is not the only change to the blog. We’re going to start a Motivational Monday post and set a few realistic goals each week. This is something we’ve been doing in the past six months and we thought it would be great to share what we’re up to publicly in the hope you will join in. A Friday Follow-Up post will also appear where we report on how we’ve got on with a round-up. The goals don’t have to be writing related, they can be anything, and we’ll be sharing the good and bad weeks to prove we’re all human. Our popular Life Cycle Of A Writer blogs will continue and there will be news in the future about it going on tour! Lots to look forward to…

Without further ado, it leaves me to wish you an AMAZINGLY SPARKLY 2016 from all of The Romaniacs!

*Finds a glass of something suitably sparkly*



19 thoughts on “RECRUITING – Romaniac Sparklers!

    • Happy new year to you too, Shaz. Great to see you over at the Sparklers. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  1. I’ve been there since the inception of this group and I’m happy to go with you to the next level. POwer to your elbows, Ladies.

    • Ah, thanks Lizzie. We always appreciate your support – we’re all in it together. Lovely to see you with the Sparklers. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    • Thank you, Claire and a happy new year to you too. See you over at the Sparklers! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  2. Hi! Great idea:) I just sent a request to join FB group. The FB request is with my real name Lucy Garcia Magaldi, on most social media people know me by my pen name, Luccia Gray. I write Victorian, gothic romance. Looking forward to joining this new project!

  3. Happy New Year, ladies. Would love to be one of your Sparklers! Such a creative group. ๐Ÿ’•

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