Follow-Up Friday

Every Monday, we’re posting our weekly targets, aiming to achieve them by the end of play on Friday.

This week, Sue and Laura posted their aims. How did they do?

Sue aimed to: 

  1. To write three chapters.
  2. To successfully negotiate the first week back at school by remembering all the after-school clubs that are starting back up and packing the appropriate equipment/kit for not only the right club but the right child.

IMG_6365Laura aimed to:

  1. Get up extra early on Monday to wish DS a happy birthday, before we all go our separate ways for the day.
  2. Be at my desk ready to write from 09:00 Mon-Thurs.
  3. Write 5000 words by Friday evening.
  4. Plan talk for the Weymouth Leviathan and Maritime Festival.
  5. Have earlier nights to allow for reading time.

Laura: I managed Monday’s targets and DS had a lovely day. I’ve also been ready to start work at 09:00, so I’m pleased with that.

I’ve not advanced the wip or planned my Weymouth Leviathan talk, but I did have news of a talk for the Weymouth Civic Society, which is happening on the 18th January, so this took priority. This week consisted of me trying to create a slide show for this talk, but my PC and laptop refused to cooperate. I am currently tapping this out on my phone … Thankfully, my husband is an IT engineer, so my PC and laptop are now being sorted. I will continue to aim for earlier nights …

Sue: I seem to have successfully negotiated the return to school challenge, so that’s good.

ms targetI ended up having a particularly busy week with lots of family commitments which took me away from the desk for as much time as I spent behind it. However, I did manage to write one and a half chapters of my novella, clocking up over 1700 words on Wednesday.

Thursday I began to seriously think about the edits for my next full length novel. These edits actually came in before Christmas but I’ve only just looked at them properly. There’s a fair amount of work to be done but generally, I do enjoy the editing process.  So, not a bad week, all thing considered.


How did you all get on?



4 thoughts on “Follow-Up Friday

  1. Congrats on everything achieved. Commiserations about the techie issues. I feel your pain!
    Just hit my weekly word target which was my main aim. Hoping to finish my Pinterest WIP board later today …

    • Thanks, Ellie. Laptop’s behaving today 🙂 It’s been a frustrating week, tech-wise. My PC has left the building and is being cleaned and upgraded at my husband’s lab. I do prefer to sit at my desk and use a PC. Should have it back and purring away by Monday. Well done on hitting your weekly word target. Definitely worth celebrating. When I’ve finally finished a wip and submitted it to my publisher, my treat is to binge-watch a Netflix series 😀 I look forward to checking out your Pinterest board.

  2. Congrats from me too, both. Busy, busy, but getting there! I finished my wip! First draft, mind. Now to make it shine … I hope. 😉 Good luck with those targets all! 🙂 xx

    • Thanks, Sheryl 🙂 I tend not to beat myself up if I miss a target that’s not got a nearby deadline attached to it. Prioritising is the key for me, and my priorities can change from day-to-day. I have my DS home from school today with a viral infection, so I’m keeping an eye on him. Work is happening in short spurts. Well done on finishing the wip – that’s a huge achievement 😀 xx

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