Life cycle of a writer: when life gets in the way…



This Life Cycle of a Writer post is a bit of a rush job. My fourth book, Moondancing, is out today and instead of celebrating with cake and champagne, our school has a two day Ofsted inspection. This in itself would be daunting, but we have been waiting for this hammer to fall since last May when they first visited in the middle of SATs week and told us we were as bad as we can be. Now, I don’t have rosy tinted spectacles about my beloved school, but rubbish we most definitely are not. Politics stepped in and we took it on the chin but now we are being reinspected on my launch day! And on top of that, my all-time hero, David Bowie, has shuffled off this mortal coil.

To counteract this frustrating work/life imbalance, I decided on Sunday that the only way to keep any sort of writing momentum going was to separate the day job from my dream. Maximum furniture lugging happened, muscles were pulled, cobwebs were found, drawers were emptied and a new writing space was created. Now, this upstairs corner is just for ‘proper’ writing and the downstairs one is for school work, emails and fun on Facebook. Watch this space – we’ll see how it goes.

For school work and emails/Facebook etc
For school work and emails/Facebook etc


And the place to follow the dream...
And the place to follow the dream…

6 thoughts on “Life cycle of a writer: when life gets in the way…

  1. It’s on my kindle and I can’t wait to read! Hope there is some celebrating soon xx

  2. Congratulations on the release of Moondancing. Wow – what a rollercoaster of a week. I do hope the inspection goes well, and that the book does brilliantly. What a great idea to carve out a new writing space!

  3. Empathising with you having been there myself Celia. Positive thoughts winging their way through the ether.

    And CONGRATULATIONS for the release of Moondancing xx

  4. Huge Congrats on launch day, Ce. I cannot wait to read Moondancing. It sounds fab! I hope you are toasting its book birth with a suitably large G&T! 🙂 Love the new writing space by the way! Xx

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