Life Cycle of a Writer – Planning for submission

Hi everyone.

I feel as though it has been FOREVER since I have given you all my update. I also feel like a lot of my recent updates have been how I am not getting anywhere and how life is getting in the way… and to be fair, it was. It still is, sometimes! However, I have learnt that life will always throw things at you at the most inappropriate times and I need to suck it up and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

So that is what I am doing. I had planned to start 2016 with gusto and get things moving along with my writing. However, all best laid plans and all that, Mum was taken seriously ill in hospital and boom, there goes three weeks of my life in a whirlwind of hospital visits, work and juggling childcare (thanks SO much to all my wonderful friends for stepping in and helping – I really couldn’t get by without you all.)

So fast forward a month and we are in February and I feel like I have achieved nothing. ZERO. ZILCH!

With this in mind, I have decided that I am going to write off January 2016 and start the year again, fresh, in  February. So…


And here I am, ready to make things happen and actually DO IT!

I have pulled together my submission plan  and I just need to do some editing for two of my novels before I send it over to my agent for submission. I am hoping to submit my plan, as a whole, to show editors that I have more to offer than just one book. I have 5 synopsis’ to send over as well as two complete novel drafts (one more polished than the other but two complete nonetheless). So I just want to run through another edit on them both so that I am happy and then I shall see what my agent thinks. Hopefully she will love it all as much as I do.



Well, there you have it – my submission plan. Fingers crossed life doesn’t throw anything huge at me over the next few months so that I can really get stuck in – I think I’ve had my fair share recenetly, time for a break.

Best of luck to everyone who is submitting either at the moment or in the near future – I would love to hear your updates, too. Lets do this and work it through together.

Lots of Love

Lucie x


One thought on “Life Cycle of a Writer – Planning for submission

  1. Hi Lucie
    You don’t know me from Adam but the beginning of last year was like that for me and it all turned out great in the end! Just remember to make your submission sound like you. I took advice from so many people and did what they said and all to no avail. It’s is only when I wrote my own kind of letter and synopsis that I got anything positive back. Good luck and I look forward to reading your published work!

    Virginia Heath (soon to be published too!)

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