Life Cycle of a Writer – Sue Fortin

This is my first Life Cycle of a Writer post this year, my last post was at the beginning of December, click here for a recap. So, since then a few exciting things have happened.

I had a fantastic few days in Shropshire where I met up with the other Romanaic girls and we had our Sparkle Weekend. It was a 70’s theme and we had great fun dancing in the kitchen and belting out some old school tunes.

edits1In my last update, I was waiting for news on the submissions I had made for my fourth full length novel. Since then I have had one official rejection, one assumed rejection as I never heard anything back, two offers of publication and one offer of representation by an agent, Kate Nash of Kate Nash Literary Agency. I was delighted to accept Kate’s offer which I blogged about here and was grateful of the advice as to which publishing offer to accept. HarperImpulse,who published my previous three novels, will be publishing my new novel – we are still deciding on a name for it though.

Last week I actually finished the first round of edits for Book 4 and I am now waiting for the next round to come in. Hopefully, we can get down to sorting out a name and book cover soon.

I’ve also been drumming up interest for the library talk myself, Laura and Catherine from the Romaniacs are giving in Chichester on 25 Febrary. Ticket sales are going well. If anyone is in the area and fancies coming along for a chat, we’d be delighted to see you there.

The Life Cycle of a Writer

After giving my house some love this week, aka doing the housework, I’m going to get back to the novella series I’m working on. The French Retreat was released last Autumn and I’m currently in the middle of writing book 2 in the Falling For France series; The French Affair. I had to put it to one side while I dealt with my edits for Book 4. I’m looking forward to going back to France with the novella and, fingers crossed, that we (me, husband and youngest) can get out to France for real and visit our cottage. We haven’t been for a while and are getting withdrawal symptoms. It will also be a good chance to do some research.

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6 thoughts on “Life Cycle of a Writer – Sue Fortin

  1. Glad to hear you are doing so well. Hope your luck continues. I’m in final edit for my tenth book but have published the others myself after good reviews by writers I trust.
    I would like a publishing deal myself so will have to write about one couple only. I wanted to write about a village with three couples in various stages of their relationship but told by RNA to cut down on the subsidiary characters. I’m using the underground tunnels in Norwich as a background. So anything can happen as a lot of them were bricked up.

    • Hi Pamela
      I like the sound of the village and three couples, I’d find that interesting, and having the tunnels as a backdrop sounds intriguing.
      Wishing you every success.

    • Thank you, Rae, I’ve been a long time writing this one. I started it several years ago and left it for about 3 years as it wasn’t working. Hopefully I’ve cracked it now.

  2. Fabulous news all round, well done you! Woohoo! Can’t wait for book four and your next novella too. Write on, my friend, and forget the housework!! 🙂

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