Motivation Monday – 29th February

DragonflyCelia: To celebrate Leap Year Day, I’m not going to propose marriage to any of you (although I’m sure you’re all very eligible and charming) but to say Happy Birthday to anyone unfortunate enough to be born on February 29th. I remember my lovely Grandpa bemoaning the fact that he only had one birthday to everyone else’s four, and having a huge cake for his 21st (also his 84th). So for all of you, and also for anyone who, like me, is celebrating getting their writing Mojo back after a long dry spell, here’s a big cheer. This week I aim to:

  1. Finish the revisions on my brand new romance with a dark twist.
  2. Write a synopsis that isn’t as truly awful as the last one.
  3. Rewrite my author bio so I don’t sound so much of a psycho.

How about you?

Lucie – After a rocky start to 2016, I am not going to focus on the bad this week. This weeks motivation for me is to keep my head up, and smile. I am going to look at all the positives going on in my life – and yes, I do have some – and move forward. So my list this week:

* Smile

* Not put so much pressure on myself

*Refocus and organise.

January and February haven’t been great, but March is the start of a brand new month. Onwards and upwards. Lots of love xx


6 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – 29th February

  1. My great-nan was born on the 29th February, and as I understand it, was the youngest of twenty-three children.
    My goals this week are to put together my talk for the Weymouth Leviathan Maritime Literary Festival, and see my DD through yet another round of mock exams. Good luck, everyone. xx

  2. Celia, I tried the bio thing. Sadly, I still sound like a psycho. 😉 Lucie, fingers crossed March brings you good things (I had a period like this – and things definitely improved! Stay positive, sweetie). Me, line edits finished. Now for a quick read-through. Have a lovely week, ladies. 🙂 xx

  3. Good luck ladies and get some vake down ya (not that you need encouraging). I’m about 22k into the new one and beginning to love the characters and the plot I’m weaving round them. I need to finish writing the talk I’m giving at the Birmingham Chapter on Saturday (see you there, Sheryl) and buy some new boots.

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