Life Cycle of a Writer – Creating Promo Posts

Ah, the dreaded word ‘promotion’. Love it or hate it, like any other business, writers have to do it. Not only do we have to promote our books, but we have to find interesting ways of doing so, ways that will catch the eye of someone scrolling through their social media timeline. But it’s not just the subtle ‘buy my book’ posts that have to be interesting, it’s good business sense to make our profile pictures, our Facebook banners and Twitter headers look appealing too. They need to say something about our books or us as they are our advertising board, either directly or indirectly.


We had a little chat about this at Romaniac HQ recently and the various different apps/software we use. We thought it might be handy to give a quick Romaniac Which Guide.

Canva used by Laura and Jan (

Cost : Free unless using Canva’s paid for options.

Previous Knowledge : None – Easy to use.

Best thing about it : Is ideal for all types of social media, and can upload own images.

Any difficulties : I’ve found nothing difficult.

Overall : I can create smart, professional graphics in a matter of minutes.

Canvacanva Jan


Photogrid used by Catherine on her iPad

Cost : It’s a free download.

Previous Knowledge : None – very easy to use.

Best Thing : You just add the photos you want to use and can then add backgrounds, text, icons etc.

Any difficulties : I haven’t found it difficult to use with practice it’s fairly easy to use.



Photoshop used by Sue  (

Cost : £17 approx per month

Previous Knowledge : Would need some knowledge to do the basics. Tutorials can be found on YouTube.

Best Thing : You can size things accurately and layer/blend/merge different images.

Any difficulties : Using and understanding the terminology, especially when trying to Google a question.

Overall : Probably overkill for promo ads but if designing your own book covers, then would highly recommend.

web blog banner

Vanessa uses various different software packages in her day job, such as, Photoshop, Indesign and Quark. In the past, I’ve used PowerPoint but it’s very difficult to not only get the sizing right but the quality and sharpness too – these are often lost when they are uploaded.

I’m sure there are lots of other apps and software out there. It would be interesting to hear what everyone else uses.




15 thoughts on “Life Cycle of a Writer – Creating Promo Posts

  1. Love this. I use Photoshop. The only trouble I find with it is it’s very easy to play too much. It’s very therapeutic though. 😉 I do use Powerpoint in conjunction with it sometimes as I find their picture effects quite useful. Thanks for sharing, ladies! Right, back to work! 🙂 xx

    • Isn’t it just? Sometimes I faff around on Photoshop making covers for books I’m never going to write!

  2. I use PicMonkey. For some reason Canva runs really slowly on my computer and I lose patience. PicMonkey doesn’t have the image repository (like Canva does), but it’s free (use it in browser) and really easy to use.

  3. Really helpful post. I enjoy using Canva but will now give Photogrid a go. Thanks ladies. 🙂

  4. What a useful post – for us bloggers too. I already use Photogrid on my iPad, but I’ve almost thrown my PC out of the window when using Picmonkey (sorry Rhoda, don’t find it easy to use at all!). Very much like the look of Canva, and will play with it later. Thanks guys!

    • Hi Anne,
      That’s how I was when I first started using Photoshop. Fortunately at the time, I was working at a college with Media students and they helped me no end.

    • Sometimes, it literally is just finding the time to sit down and have a play around with it. Hope you have better luck next time, Janice.

  5. I lose hours on Canva – love trying out different things to see how they look. The possibilities are endless. Photoshop I have to get Alfie to help me … I did pay for an online course and think I’ve managed the first module in about a year.

    Interesting to see what people use. x

    • Hi Shaz
      I can only use Photoshop because I spent a year with Media students when I worked at the college – they taught me everything I know!

  6. Thank you. My promo materials are really quite crappy… now I know how to improve them!

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