Choc Lit Celebrations!

Here at HQ we do love a celebration, so without further ado …



Laura: I’ve been writing for Choc Lit for three glorious years now – where has that time gone? Happy 7th birthday to all at Choc Lit. Who’s receiving the bumps?

Jan : I can’t believe it is six months since my debut novel with Choc Lit was published. Proud to be part of the family. Happy 7th birthday! May there be cake, fizz and choccies galore!

2 thoughts on “Choc Lit Celebrations!

  1. I remember encountering Choc Lit at one of the RNA Conferences when it was first launched. Along with Samhain (no sadly deceased) it was breaking the barriers and offering new writers a chance to get their books out there. I never submitted myself, because I don’t like writing male point of view, but it’s been the launch pad for many of my friends. Not to mention giving established authors a second bite of the cherry. And, of course, you lovely Romaniacs . . . So, happy birthday. Anything with CHOC in the title gets my vote.

    • Thanks, Lizzie 🙂 Jan’s As Weekends Go will be out in paperback in the autumn and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy 🙂 Laura xx

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