The fireworks are being lit, the cake is coming out of the oven and the glasses are overflowing with pop as The Romaniacs celebrate the paperback release of our lovely Jan Brigden’s As Weekends Go.



Laura: Many congratulations, Jan. What an exciting day! Your first paperback. And isn’t it gorgeous? I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a signed copy. I am thrilled for you. So well deserved, my lovely, hardworking friend xxx

Catherine: Congratulations, Jan! The honkometer cannot withstand such excitement! This level of celebration may be enough to put it into early retirement! Enjoy the day and we’ve stocked up on additional cake to mark the occasion! Xxx

Vanessa: HUGE congratulations, lovely Jan. I hope your day is filled with cake and champagne – I can’t wait to add the wonderful As Weekends Go to my Romaniac shelf!

Sue: Honkity-honk-honk-honk! Congratulations, Jan on the release of your paperback. It’s a fantastic story and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. It will take pride of place on my bookshelf with the other Romaniac publications! I also get to stroke Alex Heath!! Well done, my friend, thoroughly deserved. xx

Celia: Sooooo excited for you, our lovely, talented Jan! Loved the Kindle version and can’t wait to see the book in paperback form, in all its glory. Massive congratulations and honks. Very, very proud of you and all you’ve achieved xxxx

Lucie: How amazing is this, Jan? I am SUPER proud of you, my friend! I cannot wait for this to be on my shelf. You are an inspiration and I hope you are celebrating in true Romaniac-style with plenty of fizz and HONKS! Love you lots xxx 


With love from The Romaniacs




19 thoughts on “HONNNNKKKKKKK!

    • Thanks so much, Clare. I am indeed. I have fizz, chocolates and cake – a combination from heaven! 🙂

      Jan Xx

    • lol, Sheryl, I’ve not stopped!! Thank you for loving Alex and for all your support 🙂

      Jan Xx

  1. Jan, I am so thrilled for you. A propah book to put on your shelf. The first of many I’m sure. When I get my copy it’s going in pride of place next to all New Romantic Press’s books in my study. You’ve been such a great friend and support to me through my trials tribulations as an indie author. This moment is well deserved – enjoy it.

  2. Reblogged this on New Romantics Press and commented:
    So lovely to actually hold a copy of your novel in your hands. We’re all looking forward to buying a paperback copy of AS WEEKENDS GO, even if we have already read it on kindle. (Lizzie)

  3. Huge congratulations, Jan and I can feel the Romaniac excitement jumping off this page! Wonderful to have such supportive friends. Enjoy! : )

    • Thanks so much, Rae. It’s been a mad but brilliant week! I’ve loved it. Appreciate your support.

      Jan Xx

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