Life Cycle of a Writer: Uncharted Waters – The RoNAs

This weeks LCOAW is all about me saying a blooming big ‘EEEEEK’!

Today I have been mostly looking at these:

Ready for the suitcase

This is my very first ticket for the RoNAs, and it’s the beginning of a whole new adventure. Over the coming year I’m going to be right in there with the organising people, sorting out the readers etc. for these prestigious awards and making sure everything runs as smoothly as it has for Nicola Cornick. She’s bravely handing over the baton and it’s very exciting but also a tad terrifying, as her organisational skills are second to none.

So on Monday I’ll be at The Gladstone Library on Whitehall Place, clutching my ticket and trying to take everything in, wondering if Prue Leith will be approachable (am loving the recent newspaper report about her late-blooming romance and marriage) and if the opening of the envelopes will be less fraught then at some other recent events…

This is a big challenge for me – but what about you? Is there anything coming up in your life that’s making you say ‘eeeek’? The Romaniacs would love to know what it is, so that we can cheer you on and send virtual cake.

Which reminds me, I wonder if Prue would like a chocolate sponge? There’s just about room in my case if I leave out the gin and the control knickers.

Hope to see you there, I’ll be the one dressed as a book title (The Red Tent).


7 thoughts on “Life Cycle of a Writer: Uncharted Waters – The RoNAs

  1. The RoNAs are making me go eek too. My plan to not eat ANYTHING in the two weeks before it have failed spectacularly, so I’m hoping the control knickers are still able to hold in the tum. I haven’t decided what I’m going to wear either. I keep changing my mind. I’m excited to meet Prue Leith. I learned to cook Sri Lankan food using the Leith’s Indian and Sri Lankan Cookery – rather than the traditional way of asking my mum.

    • There are just so many EEEK possibilities to think about. How about if we approach Prue together doing our best smiles and eyelash-batting? Oh, maybe not scare her before she does her stuff though…see you soon!

      Celia xx

  2. I haven;t been to the RONAs for a couple of years – mostly because of the price (ticket, trains, taxis etc). I hope you all have a wonderful time and maybe I’ll rock up at next year’s. Enjoy wearing your new ‘hat’, Celia.

  3. I’m really looking forward to it…I think! Such a lot of friendly people to ask for help. Hope to see you soon, Lizzie,

    Celia xx

  4. Going Eeek here too, Celia. Never imagined I would be shortlisted, but it’s so exciting to be part of it all. (And of course you will do a great job, after the lovely Nicola steps down!) x

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