Life Cycle of a Writer: Seven things I found out in That Big London

This usually Midlands-based Romaniac was out and about recently – seven days in the big city with RNA meetings and the summer party thrown in. Pretty exciting for a person who normally lives mainly in the thick of charity shops and card emporiums, you might say. But not only was it fun – the week away was a timely means of stepping out of my comfort zone and getting ready for the next writing chapter. A kick start was needed, in a very big way. Here are seven things I noticed, visiting the hub:

  • The RNA Summer Party is still a brilliant place to catch up with old friends and make new ones, and the committee meetings and AGM  are NOT ONE BIT SCARY AT ALL. The welcome is warm, the Joan Hessayon Award is always a lovely tribute from a caring husband to a lady who believed strongly  in the NWS and the short listed books are of a very high quality. Choosing a winner must be hellish. Dr Hessayon buys fizz too, every year. Congratulations to Kate Field – a worthy winner – The Magic of Ramblings is fab.

STAIRS                      INDIA

  • Sometimes, if you’re patient, surprising things happen. Tower Bridge opened for us (I’m assuming that was the reason) and I saw Stephen Fry in the very flesh (Yes, the real live Stephen Fry) just being his normal lovely self in Waterstones. I’d like to say I rushed up and wowed him with my witty banter but actually it wasn’t quite like that. Anyway, nobody fell over or burped or anything.

waterst                  open

  • I CAN wear big shoes. It’s just…not for long.


  • Visiting places you’ve mostly seen on a Monopoly board is never going to get boring.


  • Maps are amazing – tube plans, guide books about Hidden London, street signs. I love them all. You have to have them the right way up though. Just saying.


  • A foxy new note book and pen is often all you need to spark off a brand new book. Or two in this case. #worryingbrainoverload



  • Going home is sad, but coming back is even more fun. In fact,  I’ll be in the big city very soon. So all good. Just hope Stephen gets the memo.


So, what does London mean to you?



8 thoughts on “Life Cycle of a Writer: Seven things I found out in That Big London

  1. It was great to share even a tiny bit of your exciting week in London, Celia. I love the walking about, too. Camden is one of my favourites. I find the Foundling Museum, close to King’s Cross, a very moving visit every time I go. anne stenhouse

    • Oh, thank you Anne, will put the museum on the list for next time. I love Camden too, especially the food bits! See you soon…Celia

  2. I had a great time wandering around Covent Garden and Seven Dials, and hearing amazing opera singers performing on the street. Not something I come across on the Lancashire moors! Thanks for the kind words about The Magic of Ramblings! x

    • I wish I hadn’t read it now so I could have the pleasure of starting all over again!
      C x

  3. Morning. London has two layers for me – RNA and non-RNA. Luckily, Leicester is on a direct line to St Pancras (or St Pancreas, as we call it), so travelling down to London is a breeze. I’ve had some good times with lovely Jan in the Betjeman Arms (our watering hole) and we held a book launch in Aspinal, St P, last November. But mostly, London is about fun. Last Thursday Adrienne Vaughan and I travelled down to Romance in the Court. Why II even wrote a blog post about it …..

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