The Day I Went Naked

I hadn’t planned to bare all that day at work, it was just one of those mornings when I was running late and it was all I could do to get out of the door.  I had meant to rectify my nakedness once I got to the car park but by that time, I had totally forgotten and rushed into my office, calling a cheery ‘Morning’ to my colleagues before slumping into my chair. It was at that point I realised I was naked; I wasn’t wearing any make-up!

Of course I was talking about make-up, you seriously didn’t think I meant anything else?  Well, to be honest, not wearing make-up isn’t that big a problem for me. I don’t tend to wear much; a bit of bronzer (instant health) and some mascara (instant wide eyes). On a night out, I’ll push the boat out and apply some eye shadow and lipstick … I think I’m at that age where less is definitely more.  So that morning when I sat down at work and realised I wasn’t actually wearing any make-up at all I shrugged and thought, ‘Oh well’, and I spent the day naked.

The meagre contents of my make-up bag

However, there are four things are my ‘Naked Without’ list, those being …

  1. My watch. I’ve worn a watch since I was ten years old and it just wouldn’t feel right without one.
  2. My earrings. Again, I’ve worn earrings since I was about nine or ten and although I only ever wear the same pair, night and day, I would hate not to have them in.
  3. My bracelet. This is a recent addition to my ‘Naked Without’ list. A Mother’s Day gift last year from my son.
  4. The final thing I always wear is an item of underwear – not saying which one, but I certainly would never, go without this particular one.
My ‘Naked Without’ items

What’s on your ‘Naked Without’ list?