Remembering …

Just a short blog today on the theme of looking back over your shoulder. It’s a day when children in schools all across Britain will be silent for 2 minutes (and that doesn’t happen often!) In different places throughout the country, people will pause. They’ll think about wars and the tragic waste of life that goes with them, but they’ll also have their own memories. Here are some of ours.

Celia: My much-missed Pa, about to give me away for the second time. Unbelievably, he is wearing the same suit! He said it wasn’t worth buying another one as this one still had years of wear in it. You can’t go wrong with beige, can you? Except if there’s tomato soup involved.


Sue : My Grandad : Frederick Rowland  (1908-1982), Craftsman, REME, Served in North Africa and Italy

Grandad Rowland

Catherine : My Grandad

Catherine's Grandad

Laura: I was thinking about my Great Uncle Reg, who was part of the team that flew gliders to secure a bridge during WW2. Sadly, he passed away in 2005. A true hero.

I’m also thinking about my lovely mum and step-dad. Heroes of a different kind. My heroes.