Hot scenes – what’s your sizzling soundtrack?

Celia: Last week on Facebook, our lovely Sue Fortin sparked off a train of thought that really fired up the imaginations of some of you writers out there who occasionally need to switch on the steam to order. I’m talking on the page – that goes without saying – what you do behind closed doors is your own affair (although obviously if you need to share, we are very discreet here at Romaniac HQ. Not.)

Anyway, Sue was trying to find a bit of suitably hot and heavy background music to put her in the mood to write something scorching, and she asked for a few helpful pointers.

festival 281If you can organise a sultry sunset to look at, I find that helps but if not and you’re relying on the music, there are plenty of great ones to chose from. My favourites are Al Green’s Here I Am and The Pointer Sisters’ Slowhand, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Once I started to list them, the tunes that inspire seductive steaminess,  deep smut or even just a gentle buzz were endless. How about Blur’s Tender Is The Night with all that thumping bass? Or…no, it’s your turn now. What music gets you in the mood to write something eyebrow raising?

Sue: Well, I’ve always said if sexy made a noise then it would sound like ‘Closer’ by Kings of Leon, it has a very sultry feel to it.  For something a bit more gentle and softer, it has to be ‘Tender’ by Feeder.

Feeder Hyde Park 2012
Feeder, Hyde Park, 2012

Jan: I must admit, I’m quite partial to a bit of Marvin Gaye, so if choosing one sizzleworthy song of his to help the old ink flow, it would unquestionably be ‘Let’s Get It On’. Another top tune that always steams my literary windows is  ‘Need You Tonight’ by INXS.

Lucie: Well, there are many different ways to answer this kind of question.  I think it depends on the kind of sex scene you are writing.  Songs like ‘Freak Me’ by Another Level are great for those dirty sex scenes,. ‘I’ll make love to you’ by Boys II Men is great for a loving sex scene and ‘Sexual Healing’ by Marvin Gaye is very sensual. So, maybe it might be a case of listening to a couple of different songs and writing the scene over to see how your sex scene works best. What you thought was a sensual scene may actually read better as a more heated sexual encounter… who knows…

Debbie: Anything by the pint-sized but very sexy Prince (as in the singer rather than Charles or William) and also I’m quite partial to a bit of Joni Mitchell to get me in the…er…mood.

Laura: At the time of Sue’s original thread, as The Romaniacs know, I was writing a very difficult, but crucial love scene. I opted for Pas de deux, from the Nutcracker. It has everything that needed to be expressed within the scene. For me, this exudes Passion. With a capital P. Other songs that can set the writing mood: All About Eve’s Freeze – it has a driving beat but an ethereal vocal, and the lyrics are pretty cool. Or hot, depending on your take. Madonna’s Justify Your Love has got a certain something. It’s overt. Go on – have a listen and you’ll hear what I mean.

So what’s your choice? What gets the sparks flying from your pen or keyboard and peps up your prose? Over to you…