#libstory with Southampton City Libraries: The Story So Far

As part of the National Library Day celebrations, Southampton City Libraries have started a story on twitter, and they want you to join in and help finish it. As their writer in residence, I provided the first line, now they want people to join in to see where the story goes. It is open to everyone, and Southampton Library chooses the winner out of the lines provided via twitter. Taking part is easy, just use the hashtag #libstory so we can see your sentence, and use @SotonLibraries if you want to be doubly sure they spot you! Here is the story so far. The next winning line will be selected on Mon 30th March at 10am. I’ll update the winning lines here and the next deadline. There is no limit to the number of times you enter. Good luck if you are taking part!

@katylittlelady The fumes clinging to the back of his throat told him he was home. He let the motorbike’s engine run as he took his helmet off.

@Briggy44 What sort of welcome could he expect, given the chaos he’d left behind, when he’d roared off that day?

@suefortin1 He cut the engine. Mind made up. He turned to the house. As if expecting him, the door opened and there stood …

@Laura_E_James a young girl, six, maybe seven years old, her hair the shade of summer corn, her dark eyes…

@Briggy44 so like those of the woman standing behind her, challenging him to step over the threshold …

@Laura_E_James “You couldn’t help yourself, could you?”

@lucie_wheeler His shoulders drooped as he exhaled, the guilt burning deep.’I had no choice,’ he pleaded, ‘you have to believe me’

@Briggy44 ‘What, like the last time and the time before that, you mean?’ said the woman. ‘Where on earth have you been …?’

@suefortin1 ‘That doesn’t matter. What matters now is us. I have just one question and I need an honest answer.’

@lorrainehossing Looking at the child, he asked. “Am I the girls father? And I want the truth this time.

@jjackson42 “Just look at her! Look at her properly. Could she be anyone elses? Every time I look at her I see you so clearly!”

@ros_rendle With that, the child stepped forward. “Are you going to be my daddy? I’ve always wanted one,” Her eyes, large and pleading.

@suefortin1 What the hell was he supposed to say? His head said one thing, his heart another. “Well, sweetie, it’s like this”

@suefortin1 It’s not as easy as just turning up and you calling me Dad. There’s something us growns up need to sort out first.

@VvSavage He looked at the mother of his child, the love of his life. “Are you going to tell her the truth or should I?”

@Laura_E_James The woman laid her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. ‘This man is called Cain,’ she said. ‘He..

@suefortin1 Was once my best friend. We were inseparable. Then one day, something happened which changed everything. We …

What happens next? You decide!

If you are not on twitter, but want to take part, please add your sentence below and I can add it to twitter for the judges to see. It needs to be 130 characters or less so it can fit into a tweet.

Best of luck,

Catherine x

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