Motivation Monday

It’s the beginning of a whole new week. A new chapter? Certainly a fresh page.

Here’s what a few of we Romaniacs wish to achieve in the next five days.

Laura: Last week was a little disjointed for me, with a poorly lad at home and a sick husband to boot – not literally – I didn’t kick the man when he was down. Writing took a back seat, but I put together a slide show for this week’s talk, and I managed some promo. This week, all things being equal and all family members being well and going about their business, I intend to get back to work.


Here’s the plan:

1 – Attend my writing group on a more regular basis.

2 – Give a great talk at the Weymouth Civic Society, and sell some books.

3 – Write or type up 5000 words of the wip by the end of the weekend.

4 – Help my daughter with her photography studies.

5 – Restore my family’s health with good, wholesome food.

6 – Celebrate with Catherine Miller.


Catherine: Yay to Laura’s last goal for the week! Mine are:

1 – Have a fab day celebrating Don’t Wait for… Waiting for You promo day

2- Collapse in a heap and wonder why I didn’t wait until the twins were at least in school full time

3- Get a couple more quotes for having a new heating system put in

4 – Get back to the WIP after Monday’s excitement

Lucie: Well, what a start to 2016 I have had. I started the New Year vowing to focus down on my writing and start moving forward. A week into 2016 and my mum was rushed into hospital and I have spent the last 14 days rushing back and forth to the hospital (3 hour round trip) whilst trying to fit in the day job, household duties, parenting duties, pet owner duties (3 dogs – brave or mad?) as well as trying to get my writing back on track. So to say things have been a bit hectic would be an understatement – thank goodness I am currently on a 4 week break from University, Imagine that!

So with the good news that Mum is improving, I can try to get back to my original goal of moving my writing onto the next level. So with this in mind, along with some general life goals, here are my goals for this week:

1/ Complete the writing related tasks that I am doing for other authors and send back the work required.

2/ Write up a first draft blurb for the two new ideas that I have had for my adult and children’s series.

3/ Clear my ironing pile (I don’t like this one AT ALL, but it has to be done :-()

4/ Consolidate the plan for my book series ideas and have a clear focus of where I am going with them.

5/ Speak to my agent with an update.

6/ Continue work on my Autism course.( I’d really like to complete this before I return to Uni next month)

7/ Sleep…at some point.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing where I am at with it all on Friday. Wish me luck!


How is your week looking? What are your goals? We’d love for you to comment below and come back on Friday for our Follow-Up post and let us know how you got on.

We celebrate every success, small or huge 😀


3 thoughts on “Motivation Monday

  1. Well, I read a post by Alexandra Campbell (I think) this morning detailing how she de-cluttered her garage in 15 minute ‘bites’. I’d already started on my kitchen cupboards and seriously can’t recommend anyone bites into some of the contents I removed. So that will continue. I did the dry goods today and very little of that was date-expired. Is that ‘displacement activity’ I hear being shouted in the background?
    Okay, writing. I sent off a file and covering e-mail to a large print house at the w/e and the aim for this week is to send the third book, too. Also to add words to the wip and to write a short story for the in-house EWC competition. Might need to lie down now. How do the prolific ones do it? anne stenhouse

  2. Laura, I have an overwhelming sense of having walked into someone else’s. However, this won’t last beyond the first big meal (Saturday) so I’m not panicking yet. Anne

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