Introducing Roma and Nia – The Romaniac Twins!

They arrived in style on 4th July. The first (Amber) via forceps delivery and the second (Eden) via emergency C section after some complications. After a short while on neonates Eden is doing really well and after 11 days in hospital we’re now getting used to family life at home! The twins will always be known as Roma and Nia on here after the Romaniacs decided they were good names. I do think that takes branding to a somewhat extreme level. Here’s the Romaniac twins and the reason I haven’t/won’t be about as much in coming weeks…


How it should be …


How it is …


20 thoughts on “Introducing Roma and Nia – The Romaniac Twins!

  1. They are beautiful, Catherine, even if they are a bit noisy!! Congratulations!
    (PS couldn’t leave a comment through The Romaniacs email, so came straight to the blog)

  2. HUUUGE congratulations, Catherine! I’m so happy for you!!! Aren’t they little angels when they’re sleeping? I’m sorry to hear about the upheaval around their birth but very glad that you’re all home and well now. Take care of yourself and I’m sending huge big hugs!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing photos too, you’ve really put a smile on my face. Rock on! XXX

  3. Congratulations again to all of you. Can’t wait to see you out and about with them.

  4. Gorgeous!! Love the names too and look forward to meeting them at an RNA lunch soon 🙂

  5. Oh bless, I love the screamer pic – takes me right back and I only had one at a time! So pleased you’re all at home now and looking absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations! xx

  6. You’re one brave lass, Catherine !
    You had your children in the very same way I had mine – however my screamers were born 2 years apart……..
    So I – huuuuugely – admire you for braving it all in 1 go and despite all that looking so happy ^& relaxed on the pic !!.
    May you all have much fun and many lovely & peaceful times together !!
    Cuddles for Amber & Eden too :0 ,

  7. Congratulations to you all Catherine. They look lovely even if you do have your hands full. There will be a time for writing later and meanwhile what experiences you will have. Very best wishes.

  8. Such a cutesome twosome. Mum’s a pretty special lady too! 🙂 Fab photos, Catherine xxx

  9. Many congratulations! I hope the shell shock is wearing off a bit now… And I too, only had singles, although I had five in seven years, so I well understand about the plurality of crying, but it truly does get better. Love to you all. x

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