Oops! Typo Alert …

At HQ, we often cringe or have a giggle at various typos we’ve either seen or made. In some cases they’ve even been for the best. After all, our very own blog name derived from one and it’s hard to imagine us being called anything else.

Here are a few of our finest …

Jan : 

“Sweat ‘n’ Sour Chicken.” (Eeeew! Thanks but no thanks!)

“Brianstorming Session.” (Poor Brian!)

“Thanks for the fiend request.” (Ooh, you little devil, you!)

Celia :

“Blinty” is my all-time favourite Romaniac-page blooper. I meant to say “blimey” at the time but much prefer blinty these days. Also like the times when one of us gets a word wrong in a thread and then everyone continues to use the typo for weeks afterwards. As they say, you don’t have to be insane to be a Romaniac, but it certainly helps …


Pooked. I have no idea what I was meant to be typing, but it ended up as pooked. I pook, he pooks, we pook, they pooked. Answers on a postcard please … One of my main typos is if, when I want it to read of. ‘Oh, what’s become if …?’.  When I was a wee, young thing, I’d often muddle things up. We read the paper news and put the vase on the sill window. Finally, slightly deviating, we had to correct our son, who mistakenly believed the attack on Pearl Harbor happened in Poole Harbour. STOP PRESS. Yesterday, as we passed the beach and noticed the traditional seaside puppet show, my son asked, ‘Who is Punching Judy?’

Clearly, it’s in the genes.



My most recent typos have been in emails rather than the work-in-progress – I sent an email to Dear Lousie instead of Louise. Funnily enough, I never got a reply…  I also wrote headlice instead of headline in another mail (luckily I caught that one before it went out). Hmmm… my typos seemed strangely related *scratches head*


I reckon I can trump Jan’s use of ‘sweat.’ My mum once wrote to me, ‘sweat dreams.’

And on this topic, there’s a quote that makes me smile:-

“There are two typos of people in this world: those who can edit and those who can’t.” ― Jarod Kintz


Whilst I can’t think of anything specific, and there has no doubt been many, I do have one I regularly make. Since a child I have always had a tendency to get the letters ‘m’ and ‘p’ muddled, or should that be puddled up? Usually, I spot it straight away, but there has been the odd occasion when it’s got through. This doesn’t make for great reading when I’m trying to say something like, ‘She was missed.’ or ‘I miss you.’ or ‘He had been missing for a week.’  

I have to say, out of all the typos, ‘Romaniacs’ and ‘Blinty’ are my favourites.



What are the funniest, most toe-curling typos you’ve ever seen or made?


Go on … you know you want to tell us!





37 thoughts on “Oops! Typo Alert …

  1. Oh blinty, I love these! I’m totally pooked! LOL! What a great post, ladies, thanks for sharing. My most hair-raising, tummy churning, brain-weakening moment was when I found a reference to ‘flowery willies’ in one of my books literally minutes before it was to go to the printer. Bless Word and its autocorrect function–not! For some reason, even the UK dictionary didn’t recognise ‘Wellies’ as a legitimate word….and of course, I never spotted the mishap whilst proofing. Not until the last minute!

    • Lol, Nicky – flowery willies?! The mind boggles. Oh my word though, can you imagine if that had gone to print? Thanks so much for sharing that with us 🙂

      Jan X

  2. When I was working for The Body Shop as PR officer (a loooong time ago) I was forever signing off my letters as ‘Pubic Relations Officer’. Oops. And don’t even get me started on the opportunities for typos care of predictive texting! I once replied to my millionth PPI sales text with “Duck off”. Not what I meant AT ALL. (Of course you should never, ever, reply. It just encourages them…) x

    • Sarah, just hearing the words ‘predictive text’ send me spinning. Oh, the trouble I’ve got into … Your two examples are so funny. Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

      Jan X

  3. What a great post – still giggling!
    My latest (and there have been many) cringe-worthy bloop was similar to Debbie’s – when I said someone was a sweatie instead of a sweetie. I think we’re still speaking.

    • Glad we made you laugh, June! You can’t beat a good old giggle (especially on a Monday morning!) Pleased to hear ‘sweatie’ is still speaking to you 😉 Thanks for sharing it with us.

      Jan X

  4. What fun for a bleak Monday morning. Why does the sun in Edinburgh think only one day at a time is allowed? I know I make them, too, but couldn’t think of one and then I went to check out a draft blog post and found the title claimed: ‘the seeds are sewn’. Well, I suppose we all did sew dried melon seeds into necklaces, but I do actually mean ‘the seeds are sown’. Sigh! anne stenhouse

    • Ah, sewn and sown … I often get caught out with this one too, Anne. Glad you enjoyed reading our post. Thanks so much for contributing 🙂

      Jan X

  5. As Jan will know (she proof reads my novels) I am famous for thinking and typing too fast. I can never see my own mistakes, either. I won’t mention the time I wrote that the hero was s(h)itting on the chair, too rude. Then there was the famouse time I get my words back to front and told my class that a famous explorer was off to farts poreign. Gawd, how they loughed!!

    • Haha! Oh, Lizzie, that’s so funny. I remember the first one well! And farts poreign is just brilliant. I can fully imagine the children roaring with laughter. Thanks so much for your comment. 🙂

      Jan X

  6. Oh I love a typo and can claim many. My finest hour, however, was when I worked for a large travel company as their copywriter. In the same brochure I had a Private Villa with Poo (as opposed to pool) and a Pubic Park. The mistakes were spotted by my eager beaver team who decorated my desk in loo rolls and loo brushes that day! Needless to say, as the brochure had already gone to print, the managers were far less amused! xxx

    • Shani, so funny. I’m picturing myself reading that brochure and turning to Mr B, “I’m telling you, Dave, it definitely says Poo!” Ha! Thanks so much for sharing your typos with us. 🙂

      Jan X

  7. Wonderful blog to start the week with, Romaniacs (whoops my first typo today ‘wiht’, but spotted – perhaps was trying to say with ‘wit’). Feeling a trifle crabbit till I read it. Love the idea of ‘sweat dreams’, Debbie. Bring ’em on, and ‘fiend’ I’ve seen quite a lot on FB,. Always makes me smile. The subconscious surfacing maybe. And as for ‘Romaniacs’, following the tradition of The Grauniad, I assume.

    • Thanks for your kind words and contribution, Mags. The Grauniad? It foxed me for a minute … lol! 🙂

      Jan X

  8. Mr B’s just reminded me of when he was invited (many moons ago!) to the “Office Christmas Panty” Ooh er, Mrs …

    • Sheryl, I nearly spat out my tea, reading your comment. Hilarious! The picture it conjures up – lol! Thanks muchly for your comment 🙂

      Jan X

    • HAHA Sheryl, I knew we were sisters in spirit and writing… and typo-humour, LOL. I like Jan gave a big massive snort when I read your comment. You always make me smile!XXXX

    • Glad to hear this! We always have a giggle over our various bloopers and typos. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment! 🙂

      Jan X

  9. I once did a ‘find and replace’ for Sue when I decided to change that character’s name. I forgot to select ‘whole word only’ and words such as issue and suede also got changed to IsLinda and Lindaed. Made proof reading interesting.

    • Oh no, you can see the proofreader’s face now, can’t you?! That’s a good’un, Patsy. Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Jan X

  10. Many years ago, when I worked in adult education, I regularly prepared the course brochures. Putting in the blurb for an art course on life-drawing (with a nude model), I inadvertently wrote: ‘there will be a small extra charge to pat the model’. I meant pay the model, of course. Fortunately it was spotted before they printed 20,000 copies and distributed them all round the borough.

    • Hilarious, Kathy! I’m picturing the scene (and the mutterings of “Ooh and Ahh” if that blurb had gone out. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

      Jan X

  11. In the early days before predictive text, I was asked to explain how “being caught up in rubber nickers on the motorway” was justification for being incredibly late home from work.

    • Ha! Yes, I can see how that would have needed some serious explaining … Oh the trouble one little misplaced letter can cause, eh?! Thanks so much for leaving a comment 🙂

      Jan X

  12. Someone emailed around work and asked for people to collect their ‘willies’ from the office instead of their wellies. Oh how we laughed!

    • There’s a definite willies/wellies theme developing on here. I can just imagine the response when you saw that email. Brilliant! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Kirsty 🙂

      Jan X

  13. Brilliant post – loved reading it and the comments! I’ve done: ‘You’re an absolute pendant’ (instead of pedant), ‘I hoovered quietly nearby’ (instead of hovered), ‘You might be bungled into the back of a car’ (instead of bundled). Basically what with my ability to key in typos, and my – a’hem – slightly creative spelling habits, there have been a lot…

    • Ha! Love ’em, Clare. Especially ‘You’re an absolute pendant’ Thanks so much for sharing them with us! 🙂

      Jan X

  14. As blog topics go this is one of the most entertaining ever. I can’t think of an original one right now but in a similar vein, when I met up with someone I hadn’t seen for a while and she commented on it, asking where I’d been, my little girl…as she was then…said ‘We’ve been to Holiway’. She meant holiday but that’s how rumours get round.

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