Deadline Dramas

I think I need more practice at meeting deadlines and less children to look after at the same time. This is how handing in my RNA NWS report went this year:

Argh! It’s August! What the frig happened to the rest of 2014?



Okay, don’t panic, you managed to send one chapter in last year when the twins were eight-weeks-old, this year will be a breeze.

Frantic read through and tidy up of the extra 30,000 words you’ve added. Not bad, not great, but will be good to get some feedback so prep to send a partial.

Ah. The printer isn’t set up at home. Smile sweetly at husband.

Printer is set up. Go, go, go!






Stop! This is so NOT what they mean by a partial!


PANIC! Why did you leave this til now to sort out? Switch to plan B = Print at local library. Sort everything out whilst they nap then head there after lunch.


Babies: Why would you choose to not nap today! (Teething I worked out later. Three new teeth cut between them!)

Drink/Snack/Calpol = now we’ll sleep, mummy!

Yeah! *Runs around house gathering sticky labels, envelopes, pens, the magic green form*

Whilst in panic mode you share with twitter your woes and that @SotonLibrary is your only hope. @SotonLibrary tweets back saying they are ready! (Yay, social media!)

Aim to get to library at 2 when it opens. Arrive half an hour later than hoped after lunch (not the relaxing kind, the kind where two cuties lob at least 50% of theirs on the floor) and delightful double nappy change.

The printer works! The staff entertain the babies. We might actually DO THIS!

Rush to post office and IT’S SENT WITH A DAY TO SPARE!

And collapse.

By jove, I don’t know how writers with real deadlines (not involving partials) manage. I suspect it may involve some of the Romaniac staples. Cake, chocolate, and alcohol. Am I right?



13 thoughts on “Deadline Dramas

  1. That was funny! Sounds a bit like my ‘send it with a days deadline’ and ‘Arghh the post office doesn’t have jiffy bags the right size.’ Cue frantic rummage through work post to find jiffy bag that will fit and by then tiny post office is shut so mad dash to bigger one a town’s drive away. Bad enough without two tinies in tow- well done for managing it!

    • Thanks, Jackie. Thankfully I’d picked up a big enough envelope the day before so one less thing to worry about!

  2. Oh, Catherine, I don’t know how you managed to write even a partial. I remember those early days of trying to get the smalls to sleep at the same time. Parents of twins (Triplets!) are heroic. Good luck in the NWS. Anne Stenhouse

    • I wrote a letter to my reader in the hope they’ll be understanding! Not the best quality but the fact it exists is a miracle!

  3. Lovely story! You deserve an award.
    I didn’t ever have two at the same time (!) but had quite a few children, close together, and although everything else went to pot – my imagination seemed to be in overdrive during those years.

  4. Brilliant post, Catherine. And look at those gorgeous photos … 🙂 You’re an inspiration! Xx

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