Sound the Trumpets!

We’re many things here at Romaniac HQ: Zany, Dotty, Forthright, to name a few. We’ll let you add your own description below, but we have another to add to the list. And this one deserves capitalisation. ‘Cause here at Romaniac HQ, it turns out we’re TALENTED! Last Friday we found out that not one, not two, but SIX of us have been shortlisted for the Festival of Romance New Talent Award. We’ve been slightly blindsided by the whole thing. We’ve started talking faster than usual, carrying out spontaneous bursts of dance and repeating using Victor Meldrew’s line: ‘I don’t believe it!’ Here are our shortlisted first chapters. We’re adding them here in the hope it’ll sink in:

Little Boxes by Celia Anderson

Once Upon A… Secret by Sue Fortin

Follow Me by Laura James

Baby Number Two by Catherine Miller

The Perfect Life List by Vanessa Savage

Smiling Through The Pain by Debbie White

Celia, Laura, Sue, Debbie, Catherine & Vanessa

We’re all delighted to have been shortlisted and looking forward to cheering on the authors from the other grown-up categories as well as cheering on the New Talent winners.

If you’re interested in setting up an online group like this one, The Romaniacs will be giving a talk about it on the Sunday at The Festival of Romance. Our group sprung up from the FOR last year and I think we can safely say the support and encouragement we give each other seems to be working.

We’d also like to make a disclaimer. If perchance one of us does get selected for a mention at the gala dinner, we cannot be held responsible for our actions. We’d also appreciate it if you could withhold from video recording the fainting/crying/whooping/fainting again and placing it on You Tube.

Fingers crossed until then,

Catherine x

PS: We’re scraping modest from our list of qualities. Well, it’s not often this kind of thing happens!

34 thoughts on “Sound the Trumpets!

  1. Big congrats on being shortlisted. I’ve really enjoyed visiting your blog ever since Jan told me she’d got involved, I wish you and your talented imaginations lots of luck x

  2. That’s such fantastic news, and I wish you all the best of luck. May the best Romaniac win! Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right. You’re ALL winners! There. Hx

    • That’s what we reckon. We’ll be celebrating getting this far 😉

      Catherine x

  3. I’m hoping there will be a seriously large amount of cake at the Festival of Romance to celebrate this! Was going to diet beforehand so my frock would look like a liquorice stick and not a black pudding but guess time is running out. Lovely blog, Catherine. Modest? Us? Nah… xxxx

    • Our diets really have gone to pot, haven’t they? Well, at least we tried. And this is too exciting to not indulge in chocolate cake.

      Catherine x

  4. You are amazing, all of you! HUGE congratulations and you all deserve to win. I’m holding fingers, toes and eyes crossed… (Ok, I’m joking about the eyes and fingers as I’m desperate to keep writing, but you’ll appreciate the sentiment). Can’t WAIT to see you all at FoR ~ rock on, ladies!

    • We do appreciate the sentiment. We’d do the same, but we may seize up. Look forward to seeing you at the FoR.

      Catherine x

  5. You’ve taken over that New Talent short list ladies! What a talented bunch you are – but I didn’t need a short list to know that! Super pleased for you all and Lady B is looking forward to shaking booty with you on the dance floor over the Festival weekend! :))

    • We’re very surprised to see so many of us on there! We’re looking forward to shaking booty with Lady B 😀

      Catherine x

  6. Well done all of you – as Mandy says, you must be a super-talented bunch. Fingers crossed for the actual prize. Shame there can only be one winner xx

    • I think we’re all happy to be on the list together. We’ll go with Henri’s take and say that we’re all winners. 🙂

      Catherine x

    • Will be great to see see you there, Phillipa. Cheers! Practising in advance.

      Catherine x

  7. Proud beyond belief of each and every one of you! Best of luck, gals. I shall be rooting for you all and will make sure I have that honkometer cranked up at the ready… 🙂 Lotsa love xxx

    • I don’t think we’d be anywhere without the honkometer. It’s what every writer needs.

      Catherine x

    • Thank you, Talli. We may have to start warming up our vocal chords now you’ve let our secret out 😉

      Catherine x

  8. Fantastic news. I am so thrilled for you all. Will be thinking of you as I am in work, slaving away!
    Good luck. I will raise a glass of wine in a toast. And I now have to buy my fav chocolates, just so I can celebrate with you.
    Lorraine x

    • Aww, that sounds like a lovely plan, Lorraine. And you know we like to celebrate 🙂 Hope to see you at another event soon.

      Catherine x

    • Thank you, Edith. We’ll be having a celebratory drink, whatever the outcome 🙂

      Catherine x

  9. Have just read all these comments and got excited all over again! What lovely people you all are,
    Celia xxx My booty is being shaken in practice as we speak.

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