Life Cycle Of A Writer: Finding time to write

Catherine is often asked how she finds time to write now she has toddler twins. Here she lets you into her secrets, but this video comes with a warning: It is not suitable for those with an aversion to dust. Or brightly coloured toys in an unspeakable mess.

How about you? How do you find time to add to your word count?

Catherine x

16 thoughts on “Life Cycle Of A Writer: Finding time to write

    • Making time is really important. I think that’s why I try and make time wherever possible. Thanks for commenting on the blog 🙂

  1. Love that video, Catherine!
    I do remember how it feels (even with one baby at at a time!) – but it passes so quickly.
    You’re wonderful. x

    • It’s so much easier than it was a year ago, but there are days sheer exhaustion means I don’t do anything. And thank you, you’re very kind xxx

  2. Thanks, Catherine. All very familiar! I often put my twin babies in the car and drove around till they dozed off, then parked to scribble furiously before they woke up (or I had to pick up my toddler from playgroup). Dread to estimate my carbon footprint, but I got a lot of articles and books written. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you, Carol. You sound amazingly busy as well reading your blog. I used podee bottles when the twins were young so most of their naps were spent cleaning them. The advantage was when they were drinking from them, my hands were free. Not so much these days. Thank goodness they sleep longer now.

      Catherine x

    • Thanks, Laura. Wasn’t so calm today, but have restored myself with a bath & early to bed with a good book. Xx

    • I’ll let you into a secret. The vlogging was quicker, and in my world, anything to save a few minutes! 😉 xx

  3. I feel so tired after watching that. I’m in awe. You’ve done amazingly well with your writing lately and you’ve done all that with toddler twins sapping so much energy! You’re quite fabulous. X

    • I think I might include the girls in at least one vlog. They bounce a lot. Exhausting to watch let alone join in. Thank you, Sharon xx

    • Having twins has definitely focused me. I think I’ve matched what I used to write as no longer leave it til later. It’s now or never.

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